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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Kia's Farewell

Dear family and friends,

We are sad to report that Kia passed away yesterday afternoon. She was surrounded by friends and family, warmth and love, songs and psalms, and an incredible staff of nurses and doctors who worked to keep Kia (and all of us) comfortable in her final days. I hope many of you find comfort in knowing that we read every email, post, and comment to Kia and we know she heard you all.

I share with you Kia's message to us all (by clicking the link here):

We promised to ourselves and the world that, no matter what the outcome, ours would not be a tragic story. While we are filled with sadness, we find comfort knowing that our story is so full of love, comedy, and blessings and that Kia is with us all... always. On that note, I share a silly video of the two of us singing here....

Choose Life! It is what Kia wants us all to do....

Thank you for all of your kindness, thoughts, and prayers.

In solidarity,

Information regarding services will be posted here as soon as possible. We are planning to hold services on each coast.


  1. So beautiful. Sending everyone love and light. - Caitlin

  2. Watched Kia grow up from a far, being the Mom of Kia's friend Molly. What a beautiful soul with an unmatched talent for writing. I enjoyed her blog so much and prayed she would beat the odds. All Kia's friends and family are so lucky to have been a part of her life. Thinking of all of you.

  3. Annie. Thank you so much for your generosity, in a time of turmoil, to keep us so quickly informed, to keep our spirits lifted and to remind us what truly mattered to you both: That the love you two had/have and Kia's spirit will carry us all onwards and forwards. Loved the video songs. Just brings a huge smile to my face. Will treasure that reminder.

  4. CHOOSE LIFE!!!!!!! and after that stock in the kleenex company,,,,,,,We love you Annie and Kia, and that's forever!

  5. Love you Annie. Peace


  6. Love, love, and love.
    Thank you for sharing it all.

  7. that might me cry and laugh in equal amounts!

  8. I discovered Kia's blog through Aaryn B.'s blog. I feel so honored to have been allowed to witness this journey and had such hopes that she could and would beat the odds. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Annie, and Kia's family. Thank you for sharing.

  9. I'm so sorry for the loss of your beloved Kia. She has been in my thoughts and prayers lately. Xoxo.

  10. Annie, Dr and Mrs Momtazi, please accept my condolences.
    My heart is breaking as I read this. Annie, you were the strongest, most loving support I have ever whitnessed as my time being a nurse. I enjoyed every moment I spent with you and Kia, and you guys have imprinted my heart forever. -Saundra Gonzales, RN from Kaweah Delta, 3South

  11. Annie...I by chance checked for an update and found your message. I'm truly sorry to hear of Kia's passing. She is such a beautiful person, as are you! I had the privilege to meet you and help care for her during her tx. I send prayers to you and her family to help you through this difficult time.
    Mary B, RN (3S, KDH)

  12. I love it Annie. So perfect.
    --kelly davis

  13. I also discovered this blog through Aaryn's blog. You guys have been an inspiration and I am truly heartbroken about this sad news.
    Annie and Kia's family, you're in my thoughts and prayers.

  14. Kia, Barbara and Annie (we've not met),
    My heart is laid low now knowing you've joined Chris and others who've graced my life as students who taught the teacher. Kia, you are one of those who kept me honest, despite my best efforts to fake the bluster of authority. How wonderful you kept both your pitch center and that impish wink that said "I'm on to you; shut up and pay attention and you might learn something."
    Barbara and Annie, I pray peace come to you soon through your grieving and celebration of her life and your loss.
    To paraphrase a Scot's song, Kia's a person that would have boldly sung "Well, my name's Kia Bowman. I'm a woman you won't meet everyday."
    Lux aeternum, filia mea

  15. Annie ,
    You are a beautiful strong woman.

  16. I'm so sorry Annie. Kia was a very special person, and all of my memories of high school french and English have her silliness mixed in with them. God Bless you and your families.

  17. Annie your strength is amazing you gave Kia such happiness the two of you so beautiful together!!
    Love you, Marsha

  18. Thanks for the videos Annie. They brought a smile to my face. Kia will be truly missed in so many ways.

  19. Every so often a pateint comes to you who has a profound impact and changes you. Kia was that patient for me. My thoughts and prayers are with her family...that they may find comfort in the fact that the world is better place because she was in it and her spirit lives on in everyone who has hope. God Bless Melissa Swanson, RN 3-South

  20. Thank you for sharing these wonderful moments with us, Annie. I'm grateful that you both chose to share so much of this last year's journey in this space. You have made me cry and laugh and pray and offer my gratitude and laugh and cry some more.

    Annie, you have a bed and a bike in Arizona any time you want it. My heart is with you now. I know that those of you who were close to Kia are feeling such a great loss right now, and yet I am touched by the power of this amazing woman who came in to do what she had to do, did it really well and did it quickly, and then left when it was time to go. I'm happy that she touched each of us and I know that she will forever have a place in my heart. Singing Dream.

    My love and prayers to you, Annie, and to Barbara and Shahab and everyone who Kia loved and touched so deeply.

  21. Kia, thank you for delivering me pankcakes and smiles at Jimmy Carter's in San Diego. Seeing your face on weekend mornings always made for a cheerful start to my day. Heaven is a more beautiful place with your presence in it.

    To Kia's family... I send you love and prayers for peace and comfort.

    xoxo Tricia

  22. I am so sorry for your loss.